A Deck of Cards App Reviews

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Pretty cool

not bad i wouldnt pay for it but ya i recommend it you should get it


Completley useless, like how can you use this app? The only way I see you could is if a Friend had an iPod too

youre literally forced

to watch 15-30 sec ads. thanks A hole... DELETE

Not Worth It

Not even for free this app is worth anything. Poorly written, crappy graphics The idea to have a simple deck of card leveraging iphones touch and accelerometer is very good, but this application does not even come close.

Creative and Fun

Once again an iPhone developer has created something which is innovative, simple, and fun. A Deck Of Cards leverages the iPhone’s ability to sense motion and creatively applies it to a scenario which can be useful to a variety of future applications. As a software developer, I would strongly recommend programmers thinking about creating card games to consider baking these libraries into their applications.

very nice

my kids love this, it really helps them learn there numbers shapes and colors. My little one is only 16 months and she can already put the numbers in order.


A nice, clean card app. But the cards are just to big for my iPods screen, and sometimes it doesnt register my shaking. Its a good start, just needs an update.

Grain of potential

It is no more than what it says it is. If you ever wanted to draw cards to make some random choice, or maybe play Cold Hands poker with an equally bored fellow iPhone owner, I suppose it might have a use. But for the life of me I dont understand why the cards have to be the full size of the screen, making it awkward to even see all the cards you were dealt.

It aright

Its cool I guess but it keeps crashing


This app is so dumb its a waste of time and memory I yea did I tell you it is S T U P I D

Super Fantastic!!!!

This app works great with the iPhone!!! I suggest reading the simple directions to avoid confusion. A great app to simulate holding a deck of cards in your hand. Great for poker!!!

5 cards

All you get is 5 cards. You dont even get the whole deck. What do you do with that? Do not get it is stinks.

Not so Useable

I cant complain about a free app, but it could use some updating... The cards are huge so you can barely move them. And for me, the cards keep getting stuck upside down. I an just sticking with real cards, nothing beats them!


The card part is fine but the cards are too big. They need to be smaller so there can be a virtual game board to place open or closed cards on. Like a poker board. Then all kinds of games could be played! That would be easily a 4 if done well!

Keeps crashing & stopped our game :-/

My friends and I wanted to play the drinking game KINGS but didnt have any cards so I tried this app and like after like two cards it keep closing, and was so annoying, it would be better if it didnt do that, but just fix it please

Potential for greatness

most people complain about the huge cards but you could keep the the large cards and slightly mod the app to have a full deck and to deal it one at a time at random with a tap of the screen. mofia is an example of a game that could really use it. besides ive searched all of the app store and i have yet to find an app as simple as what i just proposed.

Only five

What do you do with one poker hand? Cards too big. Make em smaller. Show the table. Deal a whole deck or however many cards you want.


Good idea but make the ability to deal more than 5 cards. How about when you pinch the cards they get smaller?


This game keeps on crashing. And you can only deal five cards! What can you do with five cards! Nothing! Also the cards are too big! The people who made this need to make more cards and agustible sizes for these cards. This game is a waste of time. But it was a good idea

Its dumb

Ive had this for a while but its still stupid. And yeah, THE CARDS ARE TOO BIG! Make the cards SMALLER and Ill re-rate this. You should also make it so we can share cards with other this app users. Or can we?

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